Top 4 Tips on How to take care of a Sensitive Skin – Must followed !

Sensitive Skin care: Among all the skin types, sensitive skin type is the one that needs the most care and attention.

It is irritated easily and can often experience redness and inflammation when not treated the proper way or when exposed to harsh skin care products and skin treatments.

Sometimes, sensitive skin can also develop scaly areas that can be very itchy.

These things can give you the idea that taking care of sensitive skin indeed requires thorough research.

Quick Tips for Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care Tip 1: Choose your Soap !

Sensitive Skin Care Avoid Sun

One factor that can worsen sensitivity is skin dryness. That is why when washing and cleansing your face, avoid using soap that contains skin-drying ingredients like alkaline.

When the skin is dry, it is prone to tiny cracks that can lead to inflammation.

So instead of using regular soap when washing and cleansing your face, use a cleanser, a toner, or a moisturizer that’s made especially for sensitive complexion.

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Sensitive Skin Care Tip 2: Avoid the Sun !

The heat of the sun can be dangerous to sensitive skin not only because it can cause microscopic inflammation. It can also increase blood circulation, which results to swelling.

However, aside from staying away from the sun, one thing you can do to prevent swelling and redness is to keep your skin care products inside the refrigerator to cool.

Once you apply cold cream or lotion to your skin, the low temperature can constrict vessels, reducing blood circulation and eliminating skin swelling.

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Sensitive Skin Care Tip 3: Check Twice for Ingredients !

Most skin care products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that when used on sensitive skin, can produce a great deal of inflammation and irritation.

Always look out or alpha lipoic acid, apricot kernels, sodium, and alcohol when buying skin care products.

These elements have a drying effect on the complexion, leaving it susceptible to redness and swelling. Be careful and choose products with gentle content like chamomile or white tea.

Sensitive Skin Care Tip 4: Avoid Skin Exfoliation !

When it comes to treatment, the last thing you want to try if you possess sensitive skin type is microdermabrasion.

This method of skin exfoliation is not suggested for sensitive skin due to its aggressive manner.

Instead of repairing the dermis, microdermabrasion can destroy the skin’s protective layer, which may result to skin inflammation.

If you wish to visit a facial spa, ask the aesthetician to perform gentler treatments on you instead.

In conclusion

While sensitive skin can be very fragile, caring for it may not really be difficult as long as you have complete knowledge on how to deal with it.

Furthermore, always remember the basic needs of your skin especially moisturizing and apply them regularly to maintain skin that’s healthy and beautiful.

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