8 Tips to Care for Sensitive Skin – Sensitive Skin Guide

Sensitive skin requires a special care in order to keep it health and avoid any issue coming quickly.

Here are eight tips to help you take care of your sensitive skin:

1. Never forget to do a skin test.

You can get excited over a product that just came out which worked for many of your friends. So much that you could get caught up in all the frenzy and promptly forget to do your skin test first.

Always keep this test in mind even if a product worked for your friends who have sensitive skin as well. Remember that you and your friends may not be allergic to the same ingredient or chemical.

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2. Moisturizing is the key.

A healthy skin care routine is essential for all skin types. Your sensitive skin needs to lock in water so that it won’t dry.

To do this, you’ll need a moisturizer. Most cosmetic manufacturers have already come out with special moisturizing lotions or creams that cater to sensitive skin.

Try them out and see which works best for you. Most people opt to go for something organic as this is a guarantee of an all-natural product.

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3. Wash your face regularly.

To clean your face from a hard day’s grind, always wash your face. This gets rid of dust, grime and impurities that clog pores.

It’s enough to wash your face twice a day (when you wake up in the morning and sleep at night) as anything more could also dry your skin.

Refrain from rubbing, always pat dry with a soft towel after using.

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4. Have facial cleansing wipes handy.

If you are outdoors, you can’t very well bring a towel to wipe your face from sweat or dirt.

It’s just too bulky and inconvenient. Facial cleansing wipes make a great alternative as they are easy to use and fits your bag easily.

To use, just pat it on the area of skin you want to clean.

5. Watch that you eat.

You are what you eat. That means your food intake would reflect in the kind of skin you have.

So, needless to say, maintain or adopt a healthy eating lifestyle as this helps in flushing out toxins and giving you skin that glows. Drink plenty of fluids for hydration as well.

6. Other external contributors.

Aside from what you eat, some external factors that would still affect your sensitive skin are excessive pollution, smoking, lack of sleep and basically all sorts of stress contributors.

These cause your sensitive skin to flare up, get rashes and may even lead to more serious problems of the skin.

7. Protect yourself from the sun.

Unlike before, the sun’s rays are very harmful to skin and could lead to skin cancer.

So, do the necessary measures to keep yourself protected. Wear sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat and most important of all, wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Avoid the sun or going outdoors from 10AM to 4PM as these are the sun’s most peak hours.

8. General care is necessary for sensitive skin.

Of course, it’s not just your face that needs some TLC. After all, your whole body has sensitive skin too right?

So use moisturizers and shower gels to keep your overall skin hydrated, soft and supple.

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