Sallow Skin Tone and Face Complexion: Causes & Treatment

What is Sallow Skin Complexion?

Having a sallow skin means there is an obvious change in your skin complexion. Affecting mostly your face, you may notice that its tone turns to be brown or yellow.

As you grow older, you will obviously face many skin problems ranging from wrinkles, dryness and many other issues. But definitely, aging is not the reason your skin got sallow. It is due to external factors.

If you notice a change in your skin color, this is not a good sign of a good health. A sudden yellowness in your skin would not very pleasant for you.

It will take away your face brightness. It is a reversible condition. But, don’t be worried, there are few tips you can follow to prevent that from happening.

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Bear in mind that having a shinny, healthy and soft skin is everyone’s target. Having such skin is a good sign that you are having an exquisite healthy pattern of living.

We will provide you with a clear explanation of the causes, treatments and few preventive tips to obtain that skin that you deserve to have.

The major Causes of Sallow Skin Complexion

You may face this problem anytime. It is not related with seasonal weather changes. A yellow tone may be an indicator for serious, medical condition you are having inside your body.

You will be look tired and faded. Once we address the causes, we can fix them or lesson their effects.

There are mainly three important causes of a sallow skin. The first cause in smoking, then we have anemia and the final one is Vitamin deficiency.

We will explain in more details how these three factors lead to sallow skin.

1- Sallow Face Complexion Cause: Smoking

How can smoking cigarettes lead to sallow skin?

Smoking as main cause for Sallow Skin - The major Causes of Sallow Skin Smoking

People who smoke cigarettes are more likely to suffer from skin yellowness. The cigarette contains toxic elements.

These chemicals play an important role in constricting the blood flow in the tiny vessels or what is so called Capillaries which surface in your skin.

The harmful chemicals found in cigarettes will block the flow of nutrients and oxygen for you skin. A deficiency of oxygen will lead your cells to grow old and lose its generative aspect.

Hence, the traces of aging will appear early and your skin will lose its natural tone. Do not forget that cigarettes harm your lungs as well. It is a real threat to your body functions.

2- Sallow Face Cause: Anemia

Having an anemia means your body lacks the necessary amount of iron. You may suffer from anemia for following a bad alimentary diet or a blood loss.

A low amount of iron will lead to a deficiency in the red blood cells.

Blood cells are the cells responsible for providing your body parts by the necessary amount of oxygen. So, anemic people are exposed to have a yellow skin.

If you notice that your skin gets pale with a feeling to trines or a lack of concentration, you are advised to see you doctor as soon as you can.

For further details about Anemia you can see also: Anemia en Wikipedia

3- Sallow Skin Cause: Vitamin Defiency

How can Vitamin Deficiency be the cause of sallow Skin?

Our internal body functions surface on the outside. Every deficiency can be traced on our skin.

Vitamins are responsible for fueling our bodies. Having a glowing, sparkling and soft skin is an indicator that you are following a healthy life style.

So, as it is previously mentioned above, a pallid skin is an alert that your inner body is under functioning.

Vitamin B1 & B2 as Inflammatory Agent

In the case of a lack in Vitamin B , your skin will react to it directly with a change in its complexion.

Vitamin B1 or what is so called Thiamine and B2 referred to as Riboflavin work together as anti – inflammatory agents for the skin.

Lack of Vitamin C effect on Skin Brightness

Let us not forget to mention the importance of Vitamin C as well.

A drop in the rate of Vitamin C in your body leads directly to a paled skin.

Caution: You may need to get an appointment with your doctor if you doubt you are having one of these 3 vitamins deficiencies.

5 Golden Tips for Shinny, Glowing and Beautiful Skin

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Here is a simple plan you can adopt for a daily skin care to obtain a healthy skin:

Tip 1: No more smoking cigarettes

Sallow Skin issue Smoking Cigarettes.jpg

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, cigarettes have many toxic elements that harms you skin as well as your whole body. It blocks the right circulation of oxygen in your body.

If you are longing for a brighter skin, you need to throw them away and adopt a new healthy life style.

Breathe fresh air and let your skin feel fresher and filled with its needs of oxygen.

Tip 2: A right Choice of sunscreen for you complexion

A right Choice of sunscreen for you complexion.jpg

Getting to know what the type of you is skin will make it easier for you to choose?

You should know that for every skin complexion there a right sunscreen. There are various SPF numbers for each type.

You should pick up the right number for you. You must put up as well the aspects of your skin as well in the list of criteria.

If you are having an oily, dry or acne prone skin, you must ask your dermatologist which one is best for you.

Tip 3: Few drops of Honey

Honey for Sallow Skin

Quite interesting to know that honey works as hydratation for your skin. You can mix few drops of honey with some lemon slices and stir them well.

Then, you scrub your face with it before you go to bed. Leave it for at least for 30 minutes.

Another mask you can use with honey is the mix of honey and olive oil. This mask will give a smoothly, shinny and sparkling skin.

Tip 4: Vitamine C Serum application

Vitamine C for Sallow Skin .jpg

Its antioxidant aspect makes vitamin C serum a perfect for your skin. You can apply it to treat sun damage and scars.

You can treat sun attacks problem by injecting the damaged spot with the serum. As a result, your skin will glow and shine again.

Tip 5: Following a healthy diet

Healthy Diet for Sallow Skin .jpg

it is unquestionable that eating healthy foods is the best way to keep your body and your skin in a good shape.

If you want your skin to glow and shine, you must opt for fruits and vegetables.

They will provide you with the necessary amount of iron, vitamins and minerals which your body and skin need to maitain their texture and complexion.

Note that Orange, Lemons, Kiwi … contains abundantly this Vitamin C .

You can nurture your skin through supplying it with the right nutritents.If you are a big fan of junk food, you can have an open day once in a month.

You can eat whatever you want but moderately. Bear in mind that having a sallow skin is not your favorite choice.

In a nutshell, Sallow skin is a change in skin color due to many factors ranging from smoking cigarettes , a lack in Vitamin B1 B2 and vitamin C and Anemia.

In order to keep you skin tone glowing and beautiful, you must apply the 6 easy tips and make your skin a priority. Shine and glow and be attractive all time!

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Our Pick List of Sallow Skin Treatment

Before giving the list of our top Porducts (on Amazon) for Sallow Skin treatment, you should read The Ultimate Guide to Castor Oil for Skin Care: Benefits, Side Effect and the Best Castor Oil and 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Organic Coconut Oil

1- Biodroga Oxygen Formula Day and Night Care 1.8 oz

Biodroga Oxygen Formula Day and Night Care (Oily/Combination Skin Type) is a lightweight, nourishing cream that optimizes and activates the skins metabolism.

It improves the lipid content and softens dryness lines, reduces inflammatory processes, reduces excess oil, and gives the skin a matte finish.

How to apply Biodrogra Oxygen Cream

Apply after morning and evening cleansing and massage in gently.

2- POND’s White Beauty Facial Foam Face Wash Lightening Acne Skin Cleanser Treatment

Cleanses deeply for glowing, pinkish-white skin.

This gentle foam deeply cleanses and brightens skin, transforming your complexion to the radiant, fair look you’ve always wanted.

How The foam’s unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin, While washing away old and weary, sallow skin cells.

Skin feels soft, smooth and sparkling clean and boasts that enviable, pinkish-white glow you love!

  • Transforms your complexion to a fair, pinkish-white glow.
  • Cleanses deeply, right down to the pores.
  • Remove dullness and brightens skin.
  • Wash away old and weary, sallow skin cells.

3- Biodroga Oxygen Formula Day and Night Care for Sallow

Nourishes skin Rich cream consistency

  • Stimulates oxygen absorption
  • Relieves stressed,
  • dehydrated skin
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple

Also, the Amara Organic Retinol Serum can help avoid and treat Sallow Skin.

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