The 4 Most Affordable Dry Skin Care Products Ingredients

Whether you are looking for affordable dry skin care products because you have a skin disorder or because your skin is naturally dry, the good news is that such products are available.

Affordable dry skin care includes what you expose your skin to, your diet and your lifestyle as well as the right skin care products for your skin type.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is permanently on display, so it is important to take the best possible care of it.

Why Attention is required for Dry Skin Care ?

Dry skin has a low level of sebum and is often sensitive. The skin might look tight, feel parched and become drier if exposed to temperature extremes.

Using harsh soaps or cosmetics which are high in chemicals can make the problem of dry skin worse or even cause a skin disorder.

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Sometimes dry skin is a genetic condition rather than a skin disorder. If this is the case, the same beauty and care regime applies.

You can find affordable dry skin care products including cleansers, day moisturizers, night creams and beauty masques, no matter what the cause of your dry skin is.

Elements to be avoid for Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care : Chemical Ingredients to be banned

When looking for affordable skin lotions, read the ingredient list. Avoid ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, and other sythetic ingredients.

Chemicals like these can actually have a damaging effect on the skin in the long run. It’s better to pay a little more for a lotion that will nourish the skin than to save a few dollars and end up damaging your skin.

Avoid Tap Water for Dry Skin care

If you do have dry skin, it is best to avoid tap water when cleansing because it removes the natural oils and dries the skin out even more.

Instead, you should use a non-detergent cleansing lotion with a neutral pH.

Nourishing moisturizer is a form of affordable dry skin care and you can apply plenty at night, including to the dry areas around the eyes where crow’s feet or wrinkles might be forming.

Dry Skin Recommend Affordable Cares to use

1- Affordable Dry Skin Care with Aloe vera

Many affordable dry skin care preparations contain herbs, known for their benefits on dry skin.

Aloe vera is soothing and moisturizing and is an ingredient in many natural skin care creams, gels and lotions. Calendula and comfrey are also good herbs for softening the skin and for soothing skin disorder problems.

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2- Essential Oils are also an affordable Dry Skin Care

Essential oils such as lavender, primrose and tea tree are beneficial for people with dry skin. These can be used in a facial sauna or ingredients in a skin care product regime.

Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and teas made from fennel, calendula, borage or coltsfoot help to improve the condition of your dry skin.

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3- Special Dry Skin Diet repair

Eating a balanced diet complements a good dry skin care regime. Try to include vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and seeds in your diet and incorporate raw foods where you can.

Alcohol and tobacco can dry out your skin so you might want to avoid these. You might also like to avoid fried foods, the reason being that when oil is heated, it forms free radicals which are destructive to the skin.

4- Buy Dry Skin Products

There you have it. If your skin is slightly dry, very dry or extra dry, do not worry because there are plenty of affordable dry skin care products on the market for you to try.

Just be sure they have ingredients that will nourish your skin from within, while moisturizing from the outside.

If you combine these products with a healthy diet and lifestyle and drink plenty of water, your dry skin or skin disorder can become a thing of the past.

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