Your Most Popular Skincare Questions Answered!

Let’s talk about your most popular skincare questions! Most of us have the same skin concerns that we need answers to. We know as a skincare community that we all want quick fixes to these common concerns. Sometimes you know your routine has gone off the rails because of a life event or we just haven’t been able to keep up lately. Think of this as a quick, easy reference for troubleshooting the most common skincare issues– the ones most people face at some time or another. 


  1. What are these brown spots on my face and how do I help them?
  • Brown spots are typically pigmentation due to sun exposure or melasma. These are common to see more often as we age! The first step is to wear sunscreen all day long if you’re not already; this will prevent them from getting darker. Then, help decrease their current appearance by using Vitamin C (Rescue Serum) during the day and retinol (Supernova Serum) at night. These two ingredients will pack a powerful punch in knocking down the look of the dark spots! 
  1. What can I do to prevent crows’ feet and fine lines around my eyes?
  • Hydrate from the inside out. Make sure you’re drinking water, less alcohol and caffeine, and eating healthy foods like avocados and watermelon. Then, boost hydration with products formulated for the delicate eye area, like my Bright Eye Hydrating Mask (use weekly) and my Revitalizing Eye Cream (use daily), which combines the science of Matrixyl 3000 with nature’s own hydrating ingredients.
  1. What should I do when I wake up to a puffy face?
  • Waking up to puffiness is so common for all age groups. That’s why I created my Magic Glow Wand – turn it on to the cool settings and massage your face from the nose outwards, repeating this movement to help move out the water that the lymph nodes didn’t flush out overnight. In just a few minutes, you should see less puffiness! 
  1. Do you have any quick fixes for maskne?
  • Spot treat maskne with my Exfoliating Mask. Simply dab it on at night after cleansing. Don’t rub in, be gentle! Sleep with the mask on the area overnight and you’ll wake up with less visible redness and smaller bumps in the morning.


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