Tone-Adjusting Face Primers For a Smooth & Even Canvas

Skin primers are incredible for filling in enlarged pores, ironing out the look of fine lines and crow’s feet, smoothing out texture, and controlling excess oil, but certain formulas can actually correct and conceal specific skincare concerns, from redness to dull tone. These tone-adjusting and color-correcting face primers cancel out unwanted pigmented, blotchy skin, and can even conceal other imperfections, like sunspots and blemishes (especially with the help of a full coverage foundation applied on top). Color correcting products are based on the principles of the color wheel.

Essentially, colors that are opposite of one another on the color wheel can cancel the other out. For instance, because red and green are across each other, green will help to lift redness and conceal irritation, while purple-hued products will combat dullness and sallow-looking skin.

Of course, aside from tone-correcting properties, these multifunctional primers are also equipped with all of the other skincare benefits you expect from traditional primers, from extending the wear time of your complexion products to blurring out other imperfections. Ahead, we’ve lined up a few of our favorite (and affordable) tone-enhancing facial primers that will even out your skin before you even apply your foundation.

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