TikTokers Are Buying the ‘Cheapest’ Thing at Chanel for the Luxe Packaging & Free Samples

While you’re shopping for friends and family this holiday season, it’s important to treat yourself, as well — even if it’s just to a Peppermint Mocha. There’s another affordable way folks are gifting themselves this holiday season, as evident by some eye-catching unboxing videos on TikTok. They’re buying the “cheapest” products at Chanel for the moment of luxury that costs less than $50. Because unfortunately, not many of us can afford to buy overselves a handbag worth thousands of dollars.

It’s not just the unboxing moment, of course. When you buy something small at Chanel, it still comes in beautiful packaging with a heavy box and bag. Many items also come with a few free samples that are perfect for traveling. It’s all about giving yourself that moment to feel fancy without actually spending more than you can safely afford.

TikToker @sharmaineclopez bought the Le Recourbe Cils De Chanel Eyelash Curler ($30 at Chanel) and Le Volume De Chanel Mascara ($32 at Chanel) as a set and got a free red Chanel pouch. She also got three perfume samples, two skincare samples and a black dust bag. It’s such a great deal, she bought a few sets for family and friends.

TikToker @steffieinthecity bought Papier Matifiant De Chanel Blotting Papers ($35 at Chanel) and got a free mirror, while @itsmemarinaa got the Miroir Double Facettes Mirror Duo ($42 at Chanel) and scored a fragrance and skincare sample. I could go on and on because these are so fun to watch. Instead, I’m rounding up some of my favorite Chanel items under $50 for your own fancy moment. You deserve it.



Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

A classic red nail polish will last you season after season.

no 5 eau fresh chanel


N°5 L’eau Fresh Lotion

Grab the travel size of this nourishing body lotion with the iconic scent of Chanel No. 5.

chanel eyeshadow


Ombre Première Laque Limited-Edition Longwear Eyeshadow

Turn up your holiday party looks with this liquid eyeshadow that has a cool glittery finish.

chanel cotton pads


Le Coton Extra Soft Cotton

TikTokers love these cotton pads for the soft, absorbant texture but also the Chanel logo on each pad.

chanel lotion


Hydra Beauty Lotion Hydration Protection Radiance – Very Moist

Use the cotton pads with this hydrating, antioxidant-rich face toner.

Rouge Coco Baume Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm


Rouge Coco Baume Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm

This luxue, hydrating lip balm has a sheer, satiny texture with a high-shine finish.

chanel no 5 bath soap


N°5 The Bath Soap

Turn your basic shower up a notch with luxe bath soap.

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