You snooze, you lose? Not this time! Whenever you drift off into a deep slumber, your skin is winning. But why is rest so important for glowing, healthy-looking skin? We’re about to find out!

Have you ever wondered what your skin gets up to when you go to bed? Believe it or not, sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin to promote a healthy, clear and more youthful looking complexion. Think the term ‘beauty sleep’ is just a myth? Tropic has the truth! We’re taking a look at what your skin gets up to after dark, and what you can do to look and feel your very best come morning!   



It might be tempting to hit the hay with your makeup still intact after a busy evening, but if there’s one makeup rule you should ALWAYS follow, it’s to remove it before bed! Allowing your skin those 8 hours (wishful thinking?) of makeup free time can be really beneficial, helping to reduce blemishes and the signs of ageing. If you unclog those pores before bed, your skin can breathe and recharge for the next day!   


As your skin is makeup free at night, and exposed to less damage from UVA/UVB light and pollution, it doesn’t need to work quite as hard to protect itself, and so it can devote more time to caring for and rebuilding itself. A skin win! Overnight is the perfect time to apply a rich cream like our Skin Dream Age-defying Firming Cream Concentrate, so your skin has the opportunity to absorb all the goodness from the active ingredients, such as the restorative plant ceramides and exotic, nourishing butters!   


Did you know that your skin cell regeneration is said to be faster at night than during the day? It’s true! Your skin cells do their repair work most effectively in the twilight hours… pretty cool, right? Research shows that our skin cell renewal rate almost doubles at night, peaking between 11pm and 4am. That means less partying and earlier bedtimes if you want to look your best!   



“Lack of sleep doesn’t just make us tired, either,” Dr. Vegan consultant nutritionist Shona Wilkinson tells us. “It can affect many areas of life, from concentration and stress to mental health and happiness. Sleep helps to encourage immune function, help us store memories, allow the brain to develop, conserve energy and restore, heal and rebuild the body’s tissues and bones, muscles and skin.”

What time does your head normally hit the pillow? You know you should get to bed earlier, but with so much TV to watch and social media to browse, who has the time?! Well, it’s time to make the time! Getting more sleep at night doesn’t just help to promote a clear and blemish free complexion, it can also improve memory, keep your heart healthy, sharpen your attention, lower stress and even increase creativity and athletic performance… there’s not much it can’t help with! While your cells repair and rebuild themselves at all stages of the night, the majority of cell regeneration occurs during deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, so if you want to wake up looking your most beautiful, give yourself a strict lights out rule with as few interruptions as possible! 

If you struggle to snooze at night, why not try our So Sleepy Pillow Spray? A spritz of sleepy fragrances might just give you the aromatherapeutic accompaniment you need for a night of sweet dreams.


But how can you make sure your skin is more soft and supple than ever before? You don’t need to wake up from that dream… Tropic is here with your brand new night-time essential! Our Skin Dream Age-defying Firming Cream Concentrate is the perfect companion for a good night’s rest, and is especially designed to leave your skin looking and feeling plump, youthful and ultra-hydrated, no matter how many hours of napping you manage to fit in! 

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