The 12 Best Sellers Thena Natural Wellness Products

Thena Natural Wellness is devoted to making natural products for dry, sensitive, aging skin using high quality, unrefined and organic ingredients that mostly possible to bring you healthy, radiant, soft, youthful skin. 

Here the best Sellers of Thena Natural Wellness Products.

Why Thena Natural Wellness Products ?

It is true that it’s ALL about ingredients! Quality is what sets our brand apart from the rest. They source premium bioactive botanicals ingredients from organic farms all around the world to ensure that its products are made of the highest possible quality.

High Performance Natural Skin Care – proudly made in USA, our non-toxic products are made with the finest, most concentrated and purest naturally derived ingredients. They are proven to be the most effective choice, not just the safest and healthiest choice.

They are a cruelty-free skincare company. 

They produce our products at low temperatures which allows us to preserve all of the benefits of our incredible ingredients and to ensure freshness and efficacy when they arrive at your door. 

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The 12 Best Sellers Thena Natural Wellness

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Best Organic Sitz Bath Soak For Postpartum Care Recovery & Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment, Soothes Relieves Pain Reduces Discomfort, 100% Pure Epsom & Dead Sea Salts Witch Hazel Lavender Essential Oil

$23.95  in stock
as of February 15, 2024 4:05 am


  • TOP GRADE PROPRIETARY 19-in-1 EXTRA GENTLE RELIEF FORMULA WITH EXCEPTIONAL HEALING BENEFITS: The finest grain salts dissolves extremely quickly, no need to strain no hassle, all you have to do is soak, relax & get well! **Recommend to use with THENA H Salve, best at-home hemmoroid treatment homeopathic remedy kit;
  • GENTLY CLEANSES & RELIEVES hemorrhoids, anal fissures, piles & perineal tears. Magnesium oil lubricates the perineum in order to repair damaged tissue, helping in the prevention of infection post childbirth
  • BEST HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES ALTERNATIVE PAIN RELIEF FOR GENITAL PAIN, INFLAMMATION & REDUCE SWELLING: Highest quality herbal ingredients work together to quickly reduce inflammation, providing the fast relief you need. They work long after a soaking to shrink hemorrhoids, soften damaged skin and neutralize odor;
  • FAST POST-BIRTH PAIN RELIEF: Carefully formulated to heal bruising around episiotomy stitches & tears formed during childbirth. The soothing formula provides relief to surrounding perineal muscles & speeds up recovery. Helps ease inflammation, constipation, and vaginal discharge. New moms love it!
  • LUSCIOUS RELAXING AROMA ENCOURAGES FAST HEALING: Spa-inspired fresh aromatherapy fragrance that relaxes the mind as it calms the body, our soaking enhances your sitz bath sitting for amazing health benefits, including improved heart health and circulation, body detox and stress relief.

Proprietary 19+1 Extra Relief Formula With Both Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salts to Give You Extra Healing Power From Both Worlds - Relieves hemorrhoid pain, swelling, common postpartum problems, vaginal yeast infections, and discomforts around those delicate & sensitive areas. Heals the bruised tissue.

Made in US with Integrity & Care, Top Grade Fine Grain Salts - Ensure fast dissolving so you never need to worry about straining or waiting. All you need to do is soak, relax, and get well...

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