Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking to put the pounds in your pocket towards some meaningful causes this Christmas? Have the last two years of uncertainty made you realise the importance of supporting sustainable businesses and championing underprivileged communities? You’ve come to the right place for ethical gifting! 

By funding education for children across the world, supporting and advocating for the vulnerable and homeless, and investing in initiatives to double carbon-offset our business operations, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most sustainable skincare brands that you can support this Christmas. And the cherry on top of the conscious consumerism cake? Our vegan, sustainably sourced products boast award-winningly effective formulations, too. 

Take a look at a selection of our favourite sustainable gifting ideas this season below.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas 1

KISS ME QUICK lipstick

Show your loved one their smile like they’ve never seen it before. From everyday wearable shades to high-impact hues, all of our plumping, nourishing lipsticks are made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, plant extracts, mineral colourants or safe synthetic pigments.

ELIXIR age-defying omega oil

We like to think of our radiance booster as better skin in a bottle. One of the OG Tropic products, this A-lister is the plus one your loved one will want to take wherever they go to ensure they’re sporting a red-carpet ready, gorgeous Hollywood glow at all times. Collagen-boosting and delightfully smooth, this golden wonder glides onto skin effortlessly for true skincare luxury.


Make someone’s day with the ultimate sustainable beauty must-have, allowing them to create their own personalised look to take with them wherever they go. With limitless potential to refill and reuse, its versatility is unmatched, with billions of combinations of high-quality, UK-made makeup to choose from.


Repairing? Check. Soothing? Check. Softening? Check. Tamanu oil is the skincare ingredient your loved one will never stop thanking you for introducing into their life. Here to take care of skin woes (or even just ebbs and flows), this tamanu team is a personal skincare support system worth celebrating. 


You can’t gift anyone an extra eight hours’ sleep, but you can shower them with tiny treats to help them celebrate slumber time. For anyone who struggles to snooze, this travel-sized trio will help them to drift off into a deep doze – no need to count sheep!


This fuss-free essential skincare duo, for the person who doesn’t let a busy schedule stop them looking their best, promotes a cleaner, more refreshed complexion to help them look and feel great, every day.


For a truly memorable gift that sparks endless amounts of skincare bliss, our customisable Skincare Selections deserve pride of place under any tree. You can opt for set collections of our core products along with your choice of two targeted skin treatments and one mask, or, if you know exactly what products your loved one can’t get enough of, you can build your own collection to suit them!

CLEAR SKIES cleansing powder

It’s clear skies ahead with the ultimate cleansing creation. Our water-activated powder transforms into a soft and creamy emulsion that breaks down impurities, cleanses pores of excess oils and supercharges your loved one’s daily cleanse with its purifying, revitalising powers.

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