Shoppers Say This $13 Eye Mask Is ‘An Actual Game Changer’ For Dark Circles & Puffiness—Here’s How

It’s unrealistic to think that we can get eight or more hours of sleep every single night. There’s work, going out with friends, and watching romcoms alone until 2 a.m. (or later) on our agenda, after all. For those days when you feel like a zombie but can’t get to a spa, Versed Skincare’s The Fix Emergency Mask is the remedy for you.

Rather than booking an expensive appointment for a facial, throw on this seriously amazing eye mask instead. It’s like getting back those lost hours of sleep and putting cucumbers on to soothe your eyes. Quite literally, though, because the formula actually does contain cucumber juice.

“I have been trying eye creams for the past three years,” says a shopper who gives this product a perfect rating. “This one is an actual game-changer. There is a visible improvement with the dark circles under my eyes. Highly recommend.” 

Keep reading for more on how this eye mask can help rescue your eyes when sleep fails you. And for the record: It’s on sale for 30% off through the entire month of December.

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Versed Skincare The Fix Emergency Mask

Photo: Versed Skincare.

This soothing eye cream incorporates the power of cucumber juice and rich vitamins to take down your harsh and puffy under-eye bags and transform your skin into glowy, dewy radiance. 

Cucumbers aren’t some mythical ingredient used at resorts just for show. They really do soothe, hydrate, and depuff thanks to their ability to retain moisture and their vitamin K that can boost blood circulation (a.k.a. help get rid of dark circles). After stressing your eyes out with too much screen time or bawling your eyes out to Titanic, you’re going to need some cucumber in your life. And you’re also going to want a hint of caffeine to assist in waking up your eyes and reducing any redness.

Meanwhile, the nourishing vitamin E and hydrating panthenol ingredients work together to smooth and refresh your skin. All of these skin saviors mix together to create the perfect cocktail for your tired, puffy eyes. 

Apply the gel both under and above your eyes, and even on your temples. If you really want to spice things up, chill your bottle in the fridge overnight for an even cooler sensation.   

“I’ve been using this for a few months now and I love using it in the morning for that cool, refreshing feeling no matter how little sleep I get,” says another shopper who considers this formula a must-have. “My eye area is also very susceptible to getting dry and this product keeps it well moisturized throughout the day. I love it!”

Don’t wait any longer to give your eyes the spa-grade treatment they deserve. Shop The Fix Emergency Eye Mask for just $13 throughout all of December. It pairs well with the Nix It Acne-Fighting Solution, which has the same discount this month.

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