Shoppers Say Their Skin ‘Shimmers Like Gold’ After Using This Makeup-Replacing Serum

Winter’s cold weather can bring on some pretty dry and dull-looking skin. And no matter how much moisturizer and highlighter you apply, sometimes your skin just doesn’t want to cooperate. But what if we told you there’s an all-in-one makeup and skincare product that addresses both of these concerns? 

Versed Skincare’s Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops feel and act like a serum. However, they also return a radiant glow to your complexion. So, it’s a serum with moisturizing ingredients that also makes your skin shine bright—we’d be pressed to find a better product for the winter. 

We’ll get into its amazing ingredients and ability to give you a no-makeup glow, but all we’re saying is that this multitasking product could solve all your standard cold weather skin issues in one fell swoop, saving you time and money. Not to mention, it’ll free your face from wearing makeup 24/7.

Shoppers say that with them, their skin “shimmers like gold and feels really amazing.” Now that’s a combination we can get behind. 

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Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops

Courtesy of Versed Skincare.

You might be asking yourself how an illuminating product can hydrate and help your skin in so many ways. Well, its formula contains peptide polyglutamic acid, which is basically hyaluronic acid, except way stronger. This ingredient can hold 4,000 times its weight in moisture, which is four times what hyaluronic acid can hold. 

Antioxidant-rich blackberry extract also does a number for your complexion by strengthening your skin’s barrier. With both of these powerhouse ingredients, your skin gets a blast of hydration that’ll leave it looking and feeling more plump and elastic.

We should also touch on this product’s illuminating properties, which would be its light-reflecting pigments. They’re superfine, so they’ll give you a noticeable glow, but you’ll still look like you’re fresh-faced. Pick between Sheer Bronzed and Sheer Golden shades, and apply it straight to your face or mix it into your moisturizer or foundation for a more subtle glow. You can technically dab it all over your face for an even layer of glistening skin, too. 

“I work in healthcare and have to wear a mask all day at work, and I have been looking for a product that would keep me from looking like a swamp demon, but not rub off on my mask or give me ‘maskne,’” wrote one shopper. “This stuff delivers! I get a bright, even complexion but no rub off or clogged pores from regular makeup. This product is truly a game changer. Please never discontinue it!”

If that’s not a glowing (get it?) review, then we don’t know what is. Now that you know all about your new go-to beauty product, it’s time to drop one in your shopping cart for $18. And if you can’t decide between the two shades, we say go for both—you can never get tired of a dewy glow that puts golden hour to shame.

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