Know Everything About TNW Face Moisturizing Gel Cream

Quote – “The most beautiful face in the world? It’s yours!!” 

Compliments always feel fantastic. They make you feel euphoric when someone praises and appreciates how beautiful you look! 

Indeed, listening to such flattering words sure makes the heart skip a beat, filling it with happiness. 

But do you know that it takes a great deal to have skin so flawless and radiant? 

TNW- The Natural Wash, with its new gel-cream, is here to give you praiseworthy and naturally glowing healthy skin. Meet the latest member of the TNW clan- Face Moisturizing gel Cream. It is enriched with the hydrating goodness of Green Tea, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E. It is a lightweight and non-sticky cream. It quickly seeps in and gives the skin a youthful glow without feeling heavy. 

Pat your skin with our nourishing and cooling gel-cream and absorb its benefits to appear gorgeous as ever. 

Benefits of TNW Face Moisturizing Gel Cream 

  • Provides Nourishment: Our gel cream is packed with the goodness of Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. These natural nourishing ingredients get effortlessly absorbed into the skin without making it feel sticky and heavy. It thus, deeply nourishes, hydrates & revitalizes dry, rough skin.
  • Reverses Ageing Signs: Our gel-cream has a creamy texture and is suitable for all skin types. Being enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and anti-ageing properties helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Together with Green Tea and Vitamin E, it smoothens uneven skin, giving the face an age-defying natural glow.
  • Soothes irritated Skin: Our gel cream is one natural face moisturizer packed with excellent cooling properties. Our gel cream, filled with hydrating and soothing goodness of aloe vera and cucumber, helps calm skin irritation, inflammation, and redness. Also, these ingredients help control excess oil production and prevent acne formation. 
  • Provides Oil-Free Hydration: TNW Face Moisturizing Gel-Cream deeply penetrates the skin providing oil-free radiance even to dull, dry skin. Its non-sticky and non-greasy moisturizing formula rejuvenate the skin without making your face look oily. 

Effective Natural Ingredients of TNW Face Moisturizing Gel Cream  

  • Green Tea: Green tea is the core and active ingredient present in the formulation of our gel-cream. It makes the cream highly effective in fighting off ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Cucumber: Its excellent cooling and hydrating properties make the gel-cream efficacious in treating skin irritation and inflammation. The gel-cream thus effectively controls excess oil production, reduces acne and the appearance of open pores.
  • Vitamin E: Packed with skin softening properties, Vitamin E helps to moisturize the dehydrated and dried skin. The gel cream, loaded with Vitamin E hence, help make skin well-nourished, soft and supple.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It has a chock full of anti-ageing properties. Its presence in the gel cream helps to fight early signs of ageing, giving skin a soft subtle youthful glow.  
  • Aloe Vera: Being a nourishing skin soother, it helps calm skin irritation, inflammation, and redness. Its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties thus make the gel-cream effective in treating various skin concerns.  

Bottom line 

We at TNW are diligently engaged in producing natural and effective products with the best ayurvedic ingredients. With our newest addition – TNW Face Moisturizing Gel-cream, formulated with Green Tea, we aim to provide skin an oil-free glow making it plump and ageless.  

It is undeniably a perfect skincare BFF meant to elevate skin with its nourishing softness. So, grab it to transform and pamper your skin to exude a naturally youthful oil-free radiant face.

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