Christmas Gifts For Skincare Lovers

Skincare formulations prove restorative for both the health of the skin and the happiness of the mind, making them the most uniquely indulgent and illuminating presents of all, inside and out.

To treat the skincare lover in your life this year, whether you want to go big or small, take a look at our gloriously glow-inducing array of skincare gift ideas.

Christmas Gifts For Skincare Lovers 1


Repairing? Check. Soothing? Check. Softening? Check. Tamanu oil is the skincare ingredient your loved one will never stop thanking you for introducing into their life. Here to take care of skin woes (or even just ebbs and flows), this tamanu team is a personal skincare support system worth celebrating. 


We all love to indulge in a little moment of luxury wherever possible, and this trio of mix-and-match-ready mask treatments are here to make that luxury a regular part of your loved one’s beauty routine. Purifying and preventing blemishes? Check! Deeply hydrating thirsty complexions? Got it covered! Brightening, toning and firming skin? Not a problem.


Zesty, uplifting and summery fresh, this collection pays homage to the body scrub that started our brand seventeen years ago. With citrusy scents of lemon myrtle, bergamot and eucalyptus, it’s a nod to our Founder Susie’s childhood in Cairns, Australia, whisking your loved one away to a tropical paradise from their bathroom.


Our skincare routines are a chance for us to spend time celebrating ourselves each morning and night. Why not share a little slice of daily joy with someone close to you by gifting them this collection containing our ABC skincare essentials? If they need something more sensitive, they can enjoy the same nourishing ingredients in an unscented, essential oil-free edition of our skincare staples, perfect for super-sensitive skin! 

SUN DAY facial UV defence

All day, every day protection for skin, protecting against UV rays and damage from free radicals, with multi-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration and the subtle scent of a berry-kissed summer breeze.

CLEAR SKIES cleansing powder

It’s clear skies ahead with the ultimate cleansing creation. Our water-activated powder transforms into a soft and creamy emulsion that breaks down impurities, cleanses pores of excess oils and supercharges your loved one’s daily cleanse with its purifying, revitalising powers. 

FACE SMOOTH brightening polish

Treat someone special to the ultimate pre-makeup prep with our physical exfoliator that instantly smooths their skin for renewed radiance. Who said that keeping skin bright and beautiful had to take effort? 

ELIXIR age-defying omega oil

We like to think of our radiance booster as better skin in a bottle. One of the OG Tropic products, this A-lister is the plus one your loved one will want to take wherever they go to ensure they’re sporting a red-carpet ready, gorgeous Hollywood glow at all times. Collagen-boosting and delightfully smooth, this golden wonder glides onto skin effortlessly for true skincare luxury.

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