Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Is there a man in your life that deserves a special treat this year? Perhaps you want to remind your dad just how important he is? Does your brother need a little moment to focus on himself rather than his children, his work or looking after his (really good idea at the time) family pets? 

While all of our products are suitable for everyone, this selection of gifts are either specially formulated for male skin or would simply make an ideal gift for him.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 1

CLEAR SLATE deep cleansing powder

This water-free powder will transform into quite possibly the most satisfying cleanser of your special someone’s life with just a few drops of water. We formulated it especially to suit male skin,  which tends to be prone to larger pore experience and excess sebum.


Don’t confuse it for a soap! This concentrated, pH-balanced body wash is the more sustainable way to shower, a zingy, eco-friendly body cleanser that combines conditioning shea butter with coconut cleansers to create a creamy, refreshing lather. 


Ah, a warm soak in the tub with divinely aromatic bubbles as the flicker of a candle lights the room. Could there be anything more cosy? Treat someone special to a blissful bathtime with your choice of four sweetly scented fragrances – 100% natural, conditioning and pH-balanced so that even the most sensitive skin can be comforted.


A whopper of a kit, this is a top-to-toe, does-everything, makes-life-easy must-have for any gent who likes to look en pointe. With nourishing grooming essentials for power showers, clearer complexions, seamless shaves and flawless finishes, our  complete collection is the generous gift to help them take on the day. 

CLEAR SKIN blemish-fighting mask

It’s time to say ‘so long’ to spots and ‘hello’ to clearer, more balanced skin! A blemish-fighting formula your loved one’s skin will absolutely lap up, this is a six-time-award-winning green machine of a mask. Kickstarting exfoliation, reducing inflammation, purifying pore appearance and absorbing excess oil, we guess you could call it somewhat of a multi-tasker.

LOOK SHARP sensitive shave cream

Whether they want to rock a super-close shave or a beautifully soft beard, this nourishing product doubles up as a shaving lotion and beard cream for the man in your life. Complete with an earthy, sophisticated scent, and formulated to soothe and calm irritation from those pesky razors.


Short hair or not, everyone’s locks deserve nourishing, cleansing care! This revolutionary product was specially developed for sensitive scalps and thick, dry or coloured hair. pH-balanced, detergent-free and super conditioning, it’s filled with lock-loving ingredients like restoring macadamia oil and revitalising pro-vitamin B5.


This fuss-free essential skincare duo, for the person who doesn’t let a busy schedule stop them looking their best, promotes a cleaner, more refreshed complexion to help them look and feel great, every day

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